As a temporary measure during the COVID-19/Coronavirus development worldwide, we have moved our Training School experience online in order to better guarantee the safety of our au pairs and host families. Contact your local office to find out more.

Our Online Training School is a fun and interactive way to complete your au pair training. You will have interactive classes with our teachers, CPR training and one on one skills assessment, as well as virtual socials to connect with au pairs who will arrive to the USA at the same time as you.

The Online Training School is an awesome way to kick start your au pair journey in a safe environment with world class preparation and a new au pair network!

Your first five days in the USA will take place at the Cultural Care Au Pair Training School, located just outside of New York City.

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Everything you need will be provided, and you'll be guided through the process by a group of Cultural Care employees who work at the school full-time. You'll be at the training school with other au pairs from around the world who have just arrived and are as excited and nervous as you are!

Your schedule at the school will be a mix between intensive training sessions and opportunities to have fun with new friends. Classroom time at the Au Pair Training School complements MyAuPairCourses, a set of interactive online modules, as well as assignments from the My Au Pair Travel Kit – all of which must be completed before leaving your home country.

With a modern approach to scenario-based learning, you will be able to put what you learned online into practice. Group projects will allow you to team up with other au pairs. Under the guidance of your teacher you will work together to address various issues and brainstorm solutions. Teachers will also facilitate role-playing and in-depth discussions covering topics such as:

  • Food safety and childhood nutrition
  • Health in the home
  • Safety inside and outside the home
  • Child development and age-appropriate activities
  • Child-rearing in the USA and behavior management strategies
  • Building self-esteem in children
  • Complexities of the au pair role
  • Stress management
  • Effective communication and how to build strong relationships

Learn from qualified instructors

Our training school teachers are all qualified educators, with decades of combined experience. They will share their expertise with you and give you plenty of tips and advice on how to build a great relationship with your host children.

Receive adult and pediatric CPR and first aid training

All Cultural Care au pairs complete the American Heart Association adult and pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid certification programme. Upon successful completion, au pairs receive a two-year certification, plus access to free online skill refreshers and digital course materials.

Meet new friends from around the world

Your time at the training school is a great chance to meet people from around the world and plan adventures together for your time in the USA. You will also have the opportunity to spend a 1/2 day in beautiful New York City exploring the sights!