Become an au pair in the USA with Cultural Care

With the largest pool of host families to choose from, being an au pair with Cultural Care means finding a host family faster and embarking on your American adventure sooner.

Cultural Care offers round-the-clock support both in the USA and in your home country, the best au pair training, and the most comprehensive insurance coverage—so we're with you every step of the way.

AuPairWorld is proud to work with the accredited agency Cultural Care Au Pair, the largest and most experienced au pair agency in the USA.

With Cultural Care you get all of this included:

  • Global Support

    Cultural Care will provide comprehensive, global support through every phase of your training, preparation, application completion and visa process.

  • Travel Arrangements

    Your roundtrip flights are covered by us! Our team of travel specialists will arrange airfare from your home country to your host family’s gateway—and back home at the end of your year.

  • Room & Board

    Your host family will provide room and meals as well as a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 – this is simply pocket money for you!

  • Educational Opportunities

    As an au pair, you will take classes of your choice at a local university or college – your host family will contribute up to $500 per year towards your studies.

  • Time Off

    You are entitled to 2 weeks of paid holiday per year—plus your J-1 visa allows you a bonus travel month at the end of your term to travel the USA!.

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Be inspired: au pair stories

  • Cultural Care au pair from Mexico
    Cultural Care au pair from Mexico


    Being an au pair completely changed my life. I was able to break down barriers between cultures. I became a stronger, wiser, more caring, more loving, and more grateful person.

  • Cultural Care au pair from Argentina
    Cultural Care au pair from Argentina


    This unforgettable experience would allow me to improve my English! Thanks to my time as an au pair, my life has changed completely. I have discovered a lot of things about myself that I am not sure I would have discovered if I had never left.

  • Former Cultural Care au pair from Sweden
    Former Cultural Care au pair from Sweden


    Being an au pair is a very good addition to your CV, because it shows that you work hard, take responsibility, and are brave enough to leave your country for a new culture.