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As an au pair in the USA, you’ll care for your host family’s children, study at an American college and become fully immersed in a new country and culture.

Becoming an au pair is about starting a new life in a new country, finding a second family, and meeting people from around the world. It's a step towards...

  • Photo by @gaellelebrun
    Photo by @gaellelebrun


    By Gaelle Lebrun, au pair in Utah

"As an au pair you will discover, learn, travel, meet new people, live in a different culture in a new country. And you will challenge yourself. It may be scary; it may be difficult; it also may not be successful, but how would you know unless you try? At the end, we only regret the chances we did not take. The au pair experience has been the most enriching to me. I've grown up so much since my first day here. I've discovered and learned so many things and also so much about myself."

  • Photo by @jenjenandelin
    Photo by @jenjenandelin


    By Jenna Andelin, au pair in New York

“When I arrived to the USA my host child ran to me and said: ‘Jenna, Jenna, finally. Welcome home!’ and gave me a big hug. I will NEVER forget that moment, that feeling. My host children have brought so much joy to my life. And so many kisses and hugs. They teach me how to be fearless and carefree, to love unconditionally, to dream big and not to worry about tomorrow.”

  • Photo by @shadesofkim
    Photo by @shadesofkim


    By Kim Walk, au pair in California

"Being an au pair gives you a whole new experience of friendship. You are connected through this experience, through leaving your country to explore a whole new one. You come here all alone, just like all the other au pairs. You will notice that you will get comfortable with other au pairs much sooner than with anyone else. I made some friends this year that I know I'll have for a lifetime."

  • Photo by @biancacbrsn
    Photo by @biancacbrsn


    By Bianca Coborosanu, au pair in New York

"In 365 days I boosted my self-confidence. I learned to give voice to my thoughts and emotions that before I had difficulty expressing. I am proud of the person I have become, and I am sure that the qualities I have gained will be noticed and appreciated in my future endeavors, whether they be personal or professional. Now I can say, I'm ready for the next adventure."