Work in the USA as an Au Pair

Spend a year traveling, learning and growing
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As a Cultural Care au pair, you take on many different roles. You travel to the USA and live with an American host family while you take care of their children. You are more than just a babysitter—you are like a big sister or a big brother. And you are much more than just a tourist—you have the exciting opportunity to live and work in the USA like a local, while spending your free time traveling around the country.

When you become an au pair, you belong to two homes, and no longer just one. You gain a second family and make friends from around the world!

Perks of the program:

  • Receive free room and board, and earn a weekly stipend of $195.75
  • Explore your neighborhood and travel in your free time
  • Take a full month to travel at the end of your year and a 2-week paid vacation
  • Get up to $500 towards an accredited course in the US
  • Start with a week at the au pair training school near New York City

Who we are:

When you choose Cultural Care Au Pair, you’re choosing the largest and most experienced au pair network in the world. In our 30 years of operation, we have sent over 145,000 young people to have life-changing experiences as au pairs in the USA.