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For people aged 18-26 years

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Meet our new Recruitment Leader – Elena


I went to the U.S. as an Au Pair with Cultural Care in 2008-2009 and lived in the suburbs of Washington D.C. My year as an au pair was amazing. Not only did I have a lot of fun and good times, I also made long lasting friendships and made an incredible bond with my host-family. From the responsibilities that come with the job, to travelling around the U.S. and living abroad, I learnt valuable life skills. I will never forget that year, which would have never been as awesome and complete without the support from Cultural Care. I was also an au pair in France and Switzerland from 2010 to 2012, where I had a wonderful time and experienced a very different way of life and culture.

Come to my meeting in London! I look forward to meeting you and share my experience as an Au Pair with Cultural Care Au Pair!