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Do you find yourself longing for adventure now that you're home? It may be time for you to seek it back where you first experienced it!

Becoming an au pair again is about starting a new life in a country that you love - or will love -, finding a new host family, furthering your studies at an American college and meeting even more people from around the world. It is a new chance to...

  • Travel

What au pair can say after their experience that they have seen it all? Whether your au pair term lasted a year or more, in the USA or another country, there is so much of America for you to discover! Want to experience life on a new coast or resume your weekend road trips with new friends from around the world? Check these last few places off your bucket list and get new ones in with a new au pair beginning!

  • Learn

Are you looking to further your education before starting your career? Do you wish to broaden your perspectives by studying something new, and strengthen the skills that you have built during your first experience abroad? Becoming an au pair again will allow you to take new classes at an American college or university - the perfect opportunity for you to boost your resume or get some new learning experiences in!

  • Grow

You know firsthand just how life-changing the au pair program truly is - and can tell how much you've changed during your au pair experience. By becoming an au pair again, you will capitalize on that growth to further get to know yourself, increase your ability to understand and live within another culture, and become a true global citizen as you expand your international network.

  • Love

Becoming an au pair again is first and foremost opening yourself up to unforgettable moments with new friends and family. It's a new chance to meet a host family that you will cherish and who will love you forever, another opportunity to shape the lives of children who will look up to you, and to make new friends from around the world!

You can become an au pair in the USA again and get your R3000 discount if...

  • You have returned home from your previous au pair experience at least 2 years ago if you were an au pair in the USA

  • You will be under 26 years old when you leave for the USA again

  • You still meet all basic requirements to be an au pair

  • You have a copy of your Au Pair Certificate of Completion

  • You can provide the details of one of your host families as a reference.

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