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Creating cultural exchange experiences for au pairs is our specialty. In the past 30 years we have sent more than 145,000 young people to the USA to be au pairs. We’re here to help you feel confident, safe and excited as you begin your journey!

Why Cultural Care?

  • Host Family Screening & Matching: We have the largest pool of host families to choose from, giving you the best chance at finding your perfect match.

  • Training & Preparation: We created exclusive training programmes that will prepare you better than any other agency – at no additional cost.

  • Largest Au Pair Network: Our au pairs come from over 20 different countries which gives you the chance to make new friends from all over the world, before and during your trip.

  • Official U.S. Department of State Sponsor: The only legal way to be an au pair in the USA is through a designated sponsor such as Cultural Care.

What our au pairs say

  • Chelsea, UK


    Being an au pair truly has been the best experience of my life! I’m more patient, more confident and I know what I want, and I always go out there and get it, no matter what. I achieved so many of my goals whilst in America and gained so much more along the way in the form of friendships, adventures and the most wonderful second family I could have ever asked for.

  • Abbie, UK


    I’m so grateful for this programme, for everything it’s given to me: a second home, a second family, lifelong friendships and me. It’s given me, myself, my true self, someone who is outgoing, independent and courageous. Never in a million years did I expect to do something like this, to be someone bold enough, brave enough to leave my home and everything I ever knew, but I did.

  • Rachel, UK


    In just a year, my time in America has taught me so much. Being immersed in another culture has influenced the way I see the world and changed many of my views. Simultaneously, it has brought me some amazing friendships, endless memories and so much happiness. I am so grateful for my second family, and being able to share so many of their milestones. This crazy adventure has shaped me and I will be going home with clearer ideas of who I am and what I want in life.

What you benefit from:

  • Weekly stipend

    Receive a minimum weekly stipend of $195.75 – pocket money for you to spend or save as you wish!

  • Time Off

    Enjoy 2 weeks of paid holiday – your visa also allows you a 30-day travel period at the end of your year.

  • Return flight included

    Roundtrip flights are covered by us! Our travel specialists will arrange this for you.

  • Free room & Board

    Your host family will provide you with a private room and meals.

  • Improve your CV

    Gain international experience and develop yourself professionally.

  • Global Support

    We provide support throughout: training, preparation, application completion, visa process and during your time in the US.

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